This page describes events of 2009 sponsored by the Rockdale Historical Society at the Rockdale I&GN Depot Museum grounds.

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Painting of the Rockdale International & Great Northern Railroad Passenger and Freight Depots and McVoys Grocery and Feed Store across the street (Photo Courtesy Rockdale Historic Society).


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The following summary of events in 2009 prepared by Rockdale Historical Society President, Joyce Dalley

Dear Friends of the Rockdale Historical Society

2009 has been an exciting (and busy) year for the I&GN Depot Museum!

In March we were part of the Tejas Art & Book Festival which has become an annual event in Rockdale. We hosted two of the notable authors on the front lawn of the Depot. Granny Van made an appearance and the Matinee Music Club sang in the Depot while a flintknapper, blacksmiths, candle maker exhibited their skills in the open area to the back of the Depot. Hobo stew was made in a big cast iron pot and our famous sausage wraps cooked on the big grill were served. Tables were set up in the dining car.

Blacksmith demo-part of the live history display at the Depot Museum in March, 2009 as part of the annual Tejas Art & Book Festival. (Photo Courtesy Len Kubiak).

After the Memorial Day service in Wolf Park, the Depot opened a special military exhibit with uniforms from local residents who served in past wars. If you have a military uniform from a loved-one that you would like for us to add to the display next year, please give us a call.

In June we opened the Dan Kubiak “Ten Tall Texans” exhibit with a ribbon-cutting to celebrate and honor his family. This exhibit was on loan from the Brenham Heritage Museum and was sent to Madisonville in November for exhibit there.

Allysa, Lynda and Shirley taking in the Dan Kubiak “Ten Tall Texans” exhibit at the Rockdale museum. This exhibit included many family photographs dipicting the life of State Representative Dan Kubiak (Deceased) and great historical displays of famous early-day citizens based on Dan's book, "Ten Tall Texans". (Photo Courtesy Len Kubiak).

The Dan Kubiak “Ten Tall Texans” exhibit dipicting 10 of the most influential citizens in early-day Texas was on display at the Rockdale museum for several months. (Photo Courtesy Len Kubiak).

Another section of the Dan Kubiak “Ten Tall Texans” exhibit (Photo Courtesy Len Kubiak).

During the Rockdale Homecoming in June we hosted many alumni who were excited to see the work that has been done at the Depot, and many found items from their own families on display. Several former railroad employees also visited and kept the visitors enthralled with stories they remembered.

In October we hosted our first Living History Day. This gave us an opportunity to dedicate the new blacksmith shop; several families from the area have donated the tools for a complete working blacksmith shop. Some of those family members reminisced of techniques and items made by their loved ones. Demonstrations were held throughout the day.

The Balcones Forge group from Austin surprised us with a very generous donation. We have extended an invitation for them to use our facility (and they held their November monthly meeting with us – this attracted quite a few local bystanders). Some local folks have asked that our “in-house blacksmiths” be available for their repairs.

Again, at the Living History Day demonstrations were held by various artisans, and we sold our famous sausage wraps.

On November 14th we held our annual Chili Meal. (Just to give you an idea of how that event has grown – we now order 175 pounds of meat. And, can you imagine chopping 35 pounds of onions). Although we have been selling individually the homemade desserts made by our members, we have had numerous suggestions to sell “sampler plates” in the future. We average about $1,000 at each event where we serve sausage wraps and food.

And, for the most exciting news – several members of the Society went to Tyler on November 5th to attend the Texas Downtown Association annual meeting. Our Depot received the President’s Award for the BEST HISTORIC RESTORATION in the State! This is especially meaningful as all the work has been designed and performed by local craftsmen who are dedicated to the authenticity of our Depot!

Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived in Rockdale on the very coldest day of the year! They attended a tree lighting ceremony across the street at Wolf Park and then the children followed him to the Depot to share their gift list! The cold weather did not deter us from selling our sausage wraps, chili and hot chocolate – the dining car was festively decorated at the last minute (no one seemed to notice that the floor tiles had already been pulled up and the electrician was leaving as the first guests arrived)

In spite of the cold weather, Santa and Mrs. Claus and one of his helpers made a surprise visit to the Rockdale International and Great Northern Rairoad Depot and Museum. (Photo Courtesy Len Kubiak).

Santa Claus and his helpers stayed busy all evening. (Photo Courtesy Len Kubiak).

Santa taking yet another present request.(Photo Courtesy Len Kubiak).

And, our request to Santa – the continued generosity of our members and community as we begin restoration of our dining car! We look forward to receiving your membership renewal along with any ideas or suggestions you might have on how we can better serve our membership and our community.

May 2010 bring you happiness and prosperity. We look forward to seeing you at the Depot…


Most of the 2009 events will become annual events for the Depot Museum. As soon as a schedule is developed, we will post it here for your convenience.

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